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1Quest Full Crack [key Serial]

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About This Game

1Quest is a turn-based roguelike RPG where you play as a young adventurer who pursues an evil blood cult that has abducted several children, including the princess of the kingdom!

You got 7 days before they can start their evil ritual to summon an ancient demon by sacrificing the children. Each region of the realm contains dungeons full of hostile creatures, but you will also find help and get various rewards depending on which path you take towards rescuing the children. But you need to hurry, if you want to save them all...

Fight monsters, grab loot, become more powerful and prevent the blood cult from summoning the demon.

Key features

  • Turn based RPG
  • 5 races
  • 18 Differents classes
  • More than 150 class abilities and spells for characters
  • More than 100 monsters
  • 20 Differents dungeons with specific rewards
  • Magic system based on spell schools and magic affinities for more diversity and replayability

Title: 1Quest
Genre: Indie, RPG
Ratz 'N' Godz, Storybird Games
Ratz 'N' Godz
Release Date: 3 Dec, 2014


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: 1.6 Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 100 MB available space


A simple rogue-like which may be appealing to the newcomers or tablet users.

+ Simple rogue-like design

-Art design (Especially color palette is terrible; sometimes it is difficult to see monsters)
-Lazy effort: Shallow, no deep gameplay. Procedural generation doesnt excite or adds to replay value due to bad and simplistic map design.
-Too simple for a rogue-like
-Sound effects are terrible (That kind of sound design havent been considered as acceptable even in C64 era).

Final verdict:
Since its cheap, it may deliver some 2-3 fun hours to newcomers to the genre. Other than that, simply avoid it. There are far too many great rogue-like titles in the market. 2\/10. Isn't very interesting, too much grinding and steep difficulty, do not recommend, dev stopped working on it as well.. Actually this is a really fun and simple game. Can't say it didn't eventually get old to name a new character every time i died, but still fun.. 1Quest is a turn-based game that frankly doesn't do the best with that idea. Some might say that turn-based games are too slow and need to be sped up, but 1Quest takes that idea in the wrong direction. One misclick can ruin an entire playthrough fairly easily. Controls are not very clear and while customization is insane, the lack of a tutorial left me confused, so confused that I doubt I got even 10% of what this game offers. But with the GUI and lack of a tutorial, I don't relaly want to find out more. Perhaps with the addition of a tutorial and a way to plan out moves better, I'll reconsider.. Very simplistic. I beat the campain with the only character I made (rogue\/archer). There is a toal of about 7 dungeons on the way to rescue the princess. There is no real story, there is no gold or shops and I guess playing around with customisation is the major draw but I didn't really explore that side of the game and just aimed for purity. The last boss was a joke, didn't even realise it was the last boss before I killed it with about 4-6 arrows.. Controls are wonky.
There is no tutorial.
Feels like it's a direct port of an iPhone game.
. I enjoyed the little bit i played. If you like Rouge likes and RPGs you will have fun enough for the price. The UI takes a while to figure out everything.

Heres some no commentary gameplay to give you an idea of the game. http:\/\/\/HrFe9omyBgY<\/a>. 1QUEST is a roguelike that was brought over from the mobile market and was poorly ported on the steam store. It'S not bad but it's not good either. First of all the game has no proper tutorial which is fundemental for a rogue like. I still have no clue what i have to do or what's my goal. The gameplay feels like a typical turn based rogue like. Click on monsters untill the die gather loot and use you skills, kill more monsters and evtenually level up. Sounds good to me? But i dunno why and what it is but the standard rogue like gameplay is not enough for this title. You don't even have to think in 1QUEST you can just click on monsters and the die, You have skills but you don't have to use them to succeed. Sometimes there are so many enemies on the screen that if you take one turn you immediately die. There are monsters that are just o.p. and they break the game. TH pixel art looks beautiful but the overall interface and HUD just look disgusting. The devs just took normal fonts and mixed them with pixel-art. I don't have to tell you what's so terrible about this.
1QUEST is mediocre at best.. A surprising roguelike that is not half bad despite it being a phone-game port. (Playing it on pc might make me buy it on my phone!)

While the graphics are simple, the mechanics are sound. The character multiclass system makes it very interesting to level up and even build your own unique character. A game that makes exploring your own level up screen fun and interesting.

I hope the developers continue to support it! Would love to see it ...

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