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Art student runs breast-painting workshops to help women love their bodies

Art student runs breast-painting workshops to help women love their bodies

Feeling inspired, doing something with your hands, creating something just for yourself – all wonderful things. One art student has found a way to focus the therapeutic benefits of art on body confidence… by running breast-painting workshops. Sarah Macias, 22, runs the women-only events that allow women to cover their breasts in paint and press them against paper to create abstract pieces. Each workshop lasts three hours and also involves dancing to help women learn to honour and love their bodies.To get more breast painting, you can visit shine news official website.

Sarah created the workshops after making her own vagina and menstrual blood paintings – so she’s used to getting misogynistic criticism. ‘People see the word breasts and immediately sexualise them,’ says Sarah. ‘That’s really hard to swallow. ‘These classes are about honouring the female sexual body. Women are taught they can’t use their sexuality because it’s dirty. ‘Doing art with the breasts or with menstrual blood is a way of making art and showing there is nothing wrong with it.

I’m an artist and my practice includes a lot of body art. The classes are a mixture of dancing and painting. I find them very therapeutic, we paint with our bodies while dancing. ‘The women who enjoy breast painting feel really empowered by it but we get so many misogynistic comments. ‘I have been experimenting by painting with different parts of my body for a number of years. ‘I also do menstrual blood painting because there’s a lot of stigma around periods.

A couple of years ago, I put some paints on my vagina and did some prints. ‘Or I will insert a yoni egg and attach it to some string. I then attach a brush to the string and start painting. ‘I have been doing this type of work since I moved to Manchester around two years ago to study interactive art. ‘The female body can be sexual or not sexual but it’s not something dirty. ‘It’s about taking away all the shame women feel about their bodies. People consider breasts to be quite intimate.

‘I have also been slut shamed in the past. Each time I publish something at the beginning I would get nervous because I reveal a lot but to my surprise the reception has been positive. ‘I think it’s a bit too much for some but most people love it.’ Since launching in Manchester the month, more than 400 women have already signed up to Sarah’s classes. For now it’ll remain a women’s only event so women can be comfortable getting naked.

We had so many men saying “we’re going to come and get our tits out”. ‘I really would like to work with men into the future and do an all-inclusive workshop. ‘I’ve had a lot of girls sign up for the workshop then not turn up because they’re too embarrassed and uncomfortable so that’s why it’s important for us to keep it female-only at the moment.’

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