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Catch A Falling Star Download Setup Compressed

Catch A Falling Star Download Setup Compressed

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About This Game

Catch a Falling Star is a casual and relaxing game where the aim is to catch falling stars and score points. A fun and relaxing game with beautiful graphics and soothing music - perfect for when you want to play something, but don't want to think too much.


  • 3 Beautifull themes each with their own music
  • 22 Extra baskets to unlock and catch stars in style
  • Catch falling stars to score points
  • Your basket fills up as you catch stars, but only once you deposit on either side of the screen, you score the points
  • Avoid falling ice, which slows you down and take up valuable space in your basket
  • Wind blows from either side, pushing objects in that direction
  • Various power-ups, like a speed boost, extra life, no wind, etc.
  • Avoid hazards like lose a life, slow basket, fast stars, more ice, etc.
  • Catch star coins, with which you can unlock more basket space, additional baskets (more than 20 designs), more themes, or one-use power-ups for while you play
  • Submit your score to our online leader boards
  • Controller support

So, if you are looking to sit back and relax, why not catch some stars! 7aa9394dea

Title: Catch a Falling Star
Genre: Casual, Indie
Alister Software
Back To Basics Gaming
Release Date: 30 Mar, 2016


A simple game about catching falling stars into a basket. This game gets harder the longer you play the game, and it gets quite challenging. The more points you get, the more challenging the game gets..

Very fun to play

It also has cards and achievements for those that are achievement hunters...

Recommended!. Casual, relaxing and cute. Yay!. Cute game, Good time waster. The music is pretty nice and good for listening. \ud83c\udf20\ud83c\udf20\ud83c\udf20\ud83c\udf20. A simple cute catching game suitable for all ages. Not much variety in gameplay, but a nice selection of different baskets and backgrounds with relaxing music.. I am absolutely in love with this game! It seems to have no external purchases necessary, you can make gold super simple!

Gold helps you buy new themes as backdrops (and some of them even change the way the stars look!). Gold drops down randomly, and it's a fun challenge to try to catch gold without letting stars "die" by hitting the ground.

The mechanics are very simple: you move the basket on the ground with whichever keys you want, and you activate some special abilities that you can purchase via that gold with Shift or Y. You're trying to catch stars, avoid ice chunks, and catch power-ups while avoiding power-downs. There's a neat little wind mechanic that I've found useful (and good to keep an eye on).

There is music, some of which is original some of which isn't, but it all fits really nicely into the themes.

It is a delightful game. Definitely an Indie title, as it doesn't come with the bells and whistles of others. Even that, though, is something to love about it. It's simple, relaxing, and very enchanting! Highly recommend this to anyone!

To the devs - you've done an amazing job. I'll keep an eye out on your other titles!. Most adorable game ever. Simple and easy to play.. About as boring as a celebrity funeral, and if my anxiety disorder wasn't so severe, this game might help put me to sleep. You control your slow-moving basket with arrow keys or a gamepad, collecting stars and avoiding ice. There are some powerups... The music is ambient and pretty nice. The price is right, until you consider that there used to be hundreds of flash games like this to play for free.

I know I feel like a relaxing game from time to time, but there just isn't enough meat here to endorse it. I would give this game a "side thumb", but I cannot. For a buck, if it looks like something you'd like, get it I guess. It seems most of the positive reviews are from achievement hunters, which I couldn't care less about. The leaderboard also appears to be hacked, so arcade old-timers like me: don't bother.

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