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Close Order Download Rar File

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About This Game

Close Order is an arcade shooter with one simple goal: become a badass armada! It's not about you. It's about other ships around you known as minions that exponentially increase your firepower!

Defeat enemies for parts. Combine those parts into minions. Move them around your armada however you please. Become badass!

Play through a short, episodic narrative in Story mode to discover the fate of humanity, or boot up Survival mode for fast-paced action!


  • Grow from a single ship into a massive armada!
  • Plays like a shooter, feels like arcade, acts like tower defense, relies on strategy, and is always distinctly bullet hell!
  • Experience the remnants of the galaxy post-Earth in Story mode.
  • Tackle the story your way: missions are set up in an episodic fashion through interconnected hub worlds.
  • Not in it for the story? No problem! Boot up Survival mode where you start with nothing and must grow your armada in order to survive.
  • Duke it out in Simple Survival, where levels have pre-made waves of progressively stronger enemies.
  • Too easy? Take it one step further with Custom Chaos, a customizable version of Simple Survival that allows you to choose the level you'd like to play, the type and difficulty of enemies, and the amount of enemies you wish to face.

Whether you want a powerful story or a badass gameplay experience, Close Order has it all! a09c17d780

Title: Close Order
Genre: Action, Indie
Raconteur Games
Raconteur Games
Release Date: 21 Jan, 2016


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Lots of bugs. For example, when I started a new game there were no graphics, only a few words. I tried all sorted of graphical combinations and no luck. I then continued a game and it worked. Another bug is that some ships in the formation weren't there, but I couldn't replace them or remove them or anything. Oh, and I couldn't get back to the crossroads (essentially the menu) at the end of a mission.

It doesn't support anything above 1600 res, and you can't change the music and sound independently.

I wanted to like this as it's a pretty decent idea, but I can't recommend it.. Well. To be honest. It's a fun game.
Is there room to improve? Yes
In the end, Close Order is a success as a game. It's fun
I r8 7\/7. It's gr8 m8. Would bang again.. It's a fun little arcade game with a interesting dose of creativity. Not really a "binge game" but something best played in short bursts like wating for a download or a study break.. Fun idea but the UI is broken. The level select is unintuitive and right clicking while dragging a ship causes the game to bug out.. It's quite fun, very very simple but fun to play which is the important bit.. The game is fun, and it's core mechanics easy to understand and implement. The story is simple, and I enjoyed the character's knowledge of how ludicrous what they were doing was. It was an interesting take on expected game mechanics (no one questions how 1 man in black ops can accomplish all the tasks he does, it's unrealistic but just accepted by the gamer) but the characters are almost self aware of this without having to do a Deadpool style of 4th wall breaking. An example of this was in the first story mission your briefing tells you that you are to escort a ship and that there will be people trying to attack the escort, and one of the crew members states something to the extent of, "A military mission when we're just explorers and have no idea how to fight? Let's dive in head first!." Subtle humor that I enjoyed. Humor aside you're always just in that believability spectrum, never too far serious or ludicrous. The author knew what kind of experience he wanted to give and he presented it well. This game's story will not lead you into a deeper understanding of humanity or anything like that, but it will give you enough to keep your attention to present to you an enjoyable time.

Visually it's a treat, I don't mean it's NEXT GENERATION GRAPHICS, but it's colorfull vistas and elements of the world backup the style the game is presenting.

I do wish that the way you upgraded your ship\/fleet was more progression based, or unlockable I suppose. Not having practically all ship variants right of the start, and getting certain upgrades or new abilities after beating a level would of been nice. Not to say there isn't any progression, but it seems a bit underdeveloped in my humble opinion.

Unfortunately there are some bugs that will hinder your enjoyment of the game. A short gameplay session occurs before what is supposed to be the intro cutscene, and that gameplay segment is a tutorial that you must repeat after the cutscene. The one that caused me the most trouble is the bugged music. While the music itself is great and fitting, you have no ocntrol over the volume. You can try to turn in down using the enraging cursor that is used in menus, using buggy volume sliders, but even if you manage to get the volume to where you want it (which is unlikely since the first slider barley works, the second even less so, and the third is unusable) after a loading screen the volume goes back to max and if you try to change it after that the music will briefly go to the volume you stay and then quickly rise back to max. I point this out because it made it impossible to make a video of this game because the music was always overpowering my voice.

Bugs aside I recommend the game, and look forward to see what come out of the game creator next.. It's quite fun, very very simple but fun to play which is the important bit.. Fun idea but the UI is broken. The level select is unintuitive and right clicking while dragging a ship causes the game to bug out.. I bought this game bc all the heart that went into from the videos and dev blogs, and there are parts that shine, but there are parts that are just missing (sound effects, etc). I feel this is an incomplete game jam game and I'm sad to see it's out of Early Access.

Why am I recomending it then?
I bought the game on discount, and with games like SPAZ or Rebel Galaxy out there for 10.00 or Less, I have to say this is not a full price affair as of yet.
It does have a unique concept as far as game play that you could learn alot from.
It is the best and most fair bullet hell I've played as I'm usally not a fan of that genre.

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