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D'LIRIUM Key Serial Number

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About This Game

"To find yourself in a new, unknown world - it's like standin 5d3b920ae0

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Early Access
B52 Development Team
B52 Development Team
Release Date: 25 Aug, 2017


  • OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo E8400
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM

English,Russian,Traditional Chinese,Simplified Chinese

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I assumed this was an enchanting story based game, but i was only half right. The game was beyond my expectations in every way, the music, the story in such your actions determine the end, and the maleability of how you play. no, really.. Fun game, can't wait for updates!. As a Satanic Brony, this game was an absolute amazing experience. Everything I could ever want! Well worth my favourite sock.. A well crafted game I'd say. while a bit too short (I passed it in roughly 2 hours on my first run, trying to discover all bits of maps), I came back again and again trying to get different endings and secrets, hence why I have accumulated 19 hours in total thus far, I was also pleasently surprised by the recent update after which I gave it a few more runs, so really, I hope this gets expanded further- oh and explained. lore is very scarce(in-game wise). I know almost nothing besides names of characters and "occupations" of two side-characters (which get as much screen-time as an intro and outro section). it is kinda weird that I know more about characters I see 5% of the game than about the whole lore of the game. Oh and the in-game logic is broken sometimes (in terms of writing). .however the game seems to focus mainly on ACTION part which suggests that it was purely intended as an ACTION game, so that may be the reason for its lack of story, and if so, I'll let it pass. overall a nice experience for the price tag.. Amazing graphics and gameplay. One of my favorite RPG horror games so far with new updates that make the game better. A must have for those new into the horror RPG genre.. A quite short spooky game in my eyes. Pretty decently made with maybe one or two small bugs here and there. Mixing ponies with bloody horror for me however was a little too much for me.. Only a few minutes in and it gives me the creeps 8/10. I love it spooky ambiance but still very good, *after update there's a camera shift with the mouse (amazing) but when the camera moves to show story.

Everyone can take part in the development of D'LIRIUM and The Golden Rogue! : Today's announcement is going to be more of a tutorial than an announcement. Due to my departure, the development of D'LIRIUM and The Golden Rogue is getting put on hold for the duration of three months. Moreover, our team is not doing so good and we defenitely could use a helping hand. In order to keep the project moving forward, we have decided to ask our community if they'd like to help. Now, anyone can participate! As you can see, this isn't as much of an announcement as it is a tutorial on how to create levels and characters. No, nobody is going to have to programm, those who'd like to participate need to stick to draing the textures. And that's what we're going to address below. The creation of tiles.. Trading Cards! : It's been about 1 year and a half from the moment D'LIRIUM had been officially released on Steam. And today we finally have the opportunity to grace our players with the trading cards! Now, any fans can set up an badge and the background picture from the game for their profile page! It can be a small thing, but for us it's a reason to celebrate! For that occasion, we're going to update the game to Beta-1 (Cut version)! It's that very Beta-1 we've been promising for so long, but without the new story and the new levels. It's still a fully updated game with the new interactable objects, new weapons, new achievements and the fix for a lot of bugs! The full version of Beta-1 is still being worked on. WARNING! The old save files won't work after the game gets updated to Beta-1 (Cut version)! Thank you for supporting us all that time! Our Discord server: You can support the development of D'LIRIUM and The Golden Rogue on our Patreon page: []. Early Beat-1 and many other interesting things! : Finally, Ive got myself an absolutely new and really powerful PC. And that means I can resume the work on DLIRIUM! And guess whos to thank for that! Its all of you, because its you who bought this game, stuffing my purse with money! Thank you so much for that! The new PC is a true miracle! If youre curious, Ill write down the configuration of my old and new PCs in the comment section, because it means little here. What means a lot is the fact that we finally have finished porting the game to the new engine! So, lets talk about that What is the Early Beta-1? Thats porting the game to the new engine with some improvements. Remembering all that has been changed will require more than an entire hour, so, lets mention the most important changes in comparison to alpha-12, and all that we can remember: New engine, unlike the old one, is written in C++, not in Delphi. It affects the process and result of building the code and compiling it into exe. Moreover, despite still being a bit unstable, its way more optimized. DLIRIUMs performance has grown multiple times. The game is able to work even on the old Pentiums (but thats not verified)! And the most important thing is being able to support cross-platform! Steam overlay and screenshots have been fixed. No more black frames or cut-out menu. Volume settings. No more mixers! New sprites for the spells. Now you can easily tell what spells they represent. Walkthrough timer no longer counts the time of cutscenes. Chinese language! Both traditional and simplified. Waypoints. Now, the character is quite good at choosing the way to the destination. A complete rework of the save-and-load system. Save files will no longer break after another update! New design of the main character. For those who like old Ada more dont worry, shell appear too, but later. The background of the main menu and game over screens have been reworked. Not completely, but mostly. Achievements! Finally, we have linked the game to Steam. Theres only one achievement for now, for the test, but therell be more by the time of Early Beta-1 release. Activating panic mode has become much easier. Many of you complained about the game being too dark. With the new videocard I was able to notice that too. The game has become two times brighter. The levels have been optimized. And thats far from being the full list, only a few things that we were able to remember while writing this article. A lot of the things weve described earlier are yet to be done, but some of them will appear in the future builds of the game. Were still discussing whats worth adding and whats not. Expect the Early Beta in two days, but the pre-release build is able for playing already, if you chose it in the games properties. If there are bugs and glitches (excluding the doors and the character that is visible through them) create a discussion and describe the bug, well be fixing the problem. And one more thing. A request to all of the letsplayers and reviewers. Please, edit your video, put an exact version of the game in it. The final game will be quite different from whats been in alpha. In the future, perhaps, itll get its own extra title, because the sequels name will be DLIRIUM as well. The viewers might get lost in the versions, observing the different things with the same name. Oh, and do more videos! Thank you.. Why there's been no Halloween update. : Some people ask me why there's been no Halloween update for D'LIRIUM. The things is, a couple of days ago my hard drive had crushed, and the motherboard had started to follow it shortly after. So, I'm now busy with assembling a new computer, in which I'll put a highly productive hardware. And then I'll continue working. I'll release an alpha-13, but it won't be about any specific holiday. I'll be aiming for an Early Beta.. Shakedown: Hawaii - New Gameplay Overview Trailer : 16-Bit open world empire building is coming to Steam, Q1 2019! Watch the new SHAKEDOWN: HAWAII trailer now: This new trailer dives deep into the game -- revealing the world, story, business acquisition, characters, and customization. It's the biggest trailer yet! For even more, watch the gameplay live stream at 4pm PT / 7pm ET: Plus, huge reveals and much more available at , here:. The Golden Rogue page is now on Steam Store! : It's barely been a day since the previous news, yet the page of The Golden Rogue is already on Steam! The game itself isn't ready yet, and we still can't name the exact release date. But we assure you that the development is taking the big steps and if everything goes according to plan, then it'll be finished really soon! The game can already be added to the wishlist. The community center is also available. From now on, all of the news regarding the development of The Golden Rogue will be posted there. We're eagerly awaiting your comments and your topics in the discussion section. Thank you for staying with us! The link to the game page: The link to the community center: You can support the development of D'LIRIUM and The Golden Rogue on our Patreon page: []. What's new in Beta-1 (Cut version)? : A few days ago we updated D'LIRIUM to Beta-1 (Cut version). There's a lot of new stuff and we want to tell you about some new features. New weapon: wrench; Reworked spell selection; Reworked panic; New level: "Crystal cave"; Added interactions on the levels; Added 13 new achievements; Fixed bugs with AI, errors and crashes; Reworked "Lanterns" AI; Reworked some levels; Reworked graphics on "Mansion" level; New "dynamic" camera; Reworked Shaft spell; New secret level called "Steam Machine"; Monsters called "Lost" and "Phantom" now appeared on the levels; Reworked movement animations; More blood and gore; New logo; New visuals on physical death; New sounds and visuals when player gets damage; Telefragging the monsters is easier to do now; Extended credits and total game stats; Reworked teleportation; "Ice impendent" monster now calls "Wraith"; "Ice howling" was reworked and calls "Flying wraith"; Monsters can see you from far distance when flashlight is enabled; Map; Rave. That's not a full change list. There's a much more new stuff that we are forgot to tell you about. Hope you love it as we love! Our Discord server: You can support the development of D'LIRIUM and The Golden Rogue on our Patreon page: []

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