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Hyperspace Delivery Service Xbox Download Code

Hyperspace Delivery Service Xbox Download Code

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About This Game

You’ve been hired by the Hyperspace Delivery Service to make a delivery to planet Miridian V.

Located on the other side of explored space, the trip to Miridian V will be a dangerous yet lucrative journey full of mad robots and unpredictable stellar phenomenon.
Can you and your crew survive the trip? Will you die from the dreaded Telunian flu? Hyperspace Delivery Service offers an exciting and strategically challenging journey where you must manage your fuel, oxygen, food, and various other supplies to make your delivery within the target time.

Choose what kind of captain you will be. Work the trade routes, learn to use your crews’ unique attributes, mine for fuel, search for abandoned supplies, fight robot space pirates on the ground in retro FPS, experience thrilling space battles from the bridge of your space ship in retro 3D space shooting action.

Can you make it to Miridian V? See you on the next delivery!


  • Retro pixel art graphics
  • Name your very own space ship
  • Trade with aliens
  • Shop at orbiting space stations
  • Manage your food, fuel, oxygen, ship repairs, credits, and much more to keep your ship running and crew alive
  • Name your crew members and watch them live or die by your decisions
  • Original soundtrack using Adlib sound card inspired sounds
  • Choose your play style. Work the trade routes, mine for fuel, work missions, and so much more.
  • Fight robot pirates in retro FPS game-play
  • Directly control your space ship to fend off pirate attacks
  • Dodge asteroids!
  • Help space citizens or leave them to suffer
  • Simple to understand with a quick core game loop which offers pick up and play style gaming

Program, Design, Music by Mike Pinto (Zotnip Games)
Art: Pablo Messuti
Art: Toendra Nulta
Art: Cecilia Souza Santos - Cecihoney
Additional Art: Desix Studios

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**Please note the game is currently in Early Access. The game is fully playable in its current state. Please review the Early Access section above for information on what this entails. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Hyperspace Delivery Service
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Release Date: 20 Sep, 2018


hyperspace delivery service

Excellent retro space game in the tradition of Star Trek 25th Anniversary as well as FTL. Great story, management system, random events, and quirky humor make this game a must for space game junkies like me!

How GameMaker & Tom Francis Changed My Life and Might Change Yours Too:
In early 2016, I was growing listless at my current game design job. I’d been making games in one form or another for most of my life and felt like I was drifting away from being able to get my hands dirty and craft something.

Inspired by my friend Simon at Inexplicable Games[] who had also recently also quit his games industry job to become a full-time indie game dev, he pointed me to a video series done by Tom Francis of Gunpoint and Heat Signature fame that introduced how Game Maker works. You can check it out here.

I’d sat on a Game Maker Studio[] license for about 2 or 3 years by this point, having purchased it from a Humble bundle and figured that well, perhaps now would be the time to do something with it and regain my love of making games.

For my day job, I had mostly used Unity and with my existing programming skills being somewhere between ‘non-existent’ and ‘criminally embarrassing’, this video series was well pitched, with Tom getting straight to the meat and potatoes of making a game rather than coding theory. It was terrifically easy to follow and I got through the series in about a week.

By the time I’d watched the last video, I decided to try making my own small game, a side-scrolling shmup that I made over the course of about 2 weeks, doing a couple of hours work each evening. I completed the small game and felt hugely accomplished.

On and off over the next couple of years, I’d dip in and out of Game Maker, creating small projects to enjoy making something simple and creatively liberating, whilst slowly improving my programming skills to the dizzying heights of ‘not that great’.

An opportunity arose at the end of 2017 to take a year off work and see what I could do on my own and I took it. Just a little over 12 months after I left my job, I’ve just released Bubbles the Cat to the world. And I absolutely loved the process.

You might also have considered making games, but perhaps been held back or dissuaded by the following worries:

“I have no idea how to program and it looks incredibly scary / I’ve bounced off previous attempts to learn.”. Devlog #3 - More Hazards!:
Hey there, friends! This devlog continues to look at the game's hazards, explaining what they do and what kind of challenges I'm hoping to set before players with them. You don't need to read the previous part to understand this, but it... - plus there's more animated GIFs to see!

Spike Walls. Post-Launch Update:
Hey folks - it’s coming up to a month after Bubbles launched and I’m really happy with the response the game’s received so far!

I’ve taken a break after the game’s launch to recharge and work out what my next steps are (with some work on Bubbles here and there when I get the chance). Here’s a quick update on what’s coming up next for Bubbles!

Cloud Saves. Devlog #5 - Why Did You Make a One-Button Platformer? (or: SpecialEffect are the Bestest):
Hi gang! Today I’m going to talk about my motivations for making the game a one-button platformer. I’ve certainly been asked this question a few times and hopefully this devlog will give you a good insight as to why I’ve gone with this control scheme.

First things first; this has been the design goal for the game from the very beginning when I was first prototyping it and isn’t something that came about by accident. Although the game changed form somewhat during that prototyping phase, having only a single button input was always a core tenet of the game’s design.

Design Challenge. Devlog #8 - Welcome to World X:
Okay, in the last devlog I talked about Boosts and how they could help you get through the game if you were struggling. Here’s the other side of that coin on how the X Levels will absolutely break you.

Unlocking. Devlog #6 - Super Slick Platforming:
Howdy y’all! This time I’m going to show you the little tweaks I made to the game’s platforming logic to make it feel ‘just right’.

Pre-emptive Inputs. Devlog #1 - Powerups and Flow (and GIFs!):
Hey folks,

In the first dev log post before launch, I figured I would use this as an opportunity to share with you all the progress on the game as it stands so far as well as show off new features as and when they're added.

Run, Bubbles, Run!. Devlog #2 - Hazard Mechanics:
Happy New Year all! Here’s hoping that 2019 is a great one for you. I’m very excited to be bringing you Bubbles the Cat in a few months time!

Continuing a little in theme off the previous blog post, I thought I’d start taking a look at the different hazards Bubbles will encounter and what I hope they will bring to the table in terms of level design. I’m going to split this one into two parts as there's quite a lot to cover!

Bubbles, Meet Hazard.

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