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Myrne: The Quest Free Download [full Version]

Myrne: The Quest Free Download [full Version]

Download ->>->>->> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

About This Game

You can download the demo (links on the bottom of the page) and try the game for free, have fun!

Myrne: The Quest is a first-person action-RPG. It's the follow-up of Song of the Myrne: What Lies Beneath (no need to have played it to fully enjoy this one though).

The Quest is a single player game, following a story, where everything is hand-crafted (no procedural generation, just love^^).

Get back to the world of the Myrne with its silly humor and discover why the night never goes away in this new region... Or don't, you're just here for that magic artifact after all, no way this malediction will have anything to do with your personal quest... Erm...

▶ This time, see everything through the eyes of your character in a fully 3D environment, you'll finaly be able to see the Myrne in the Sky... and familiar faces too (not in the sky though).

▶ Build your character as you please. The game isn't class based so you're free to choose and mix (!) your own play styles at any time (well, maybe the final boss fight is the wrong moment to start practicing your skill with a bow). Cast fireballs while wearing an heavy plate armor, pierce enemies with your trusty lance or just stab them with a stake if that's your thing (the weapon's pretty weak though, I'm judging you).

▶ Your character evolves according to your playstyle. Using heavy armor will make you better with them; hitting broken things with a hammer will somehow improve your capacity at fixing things, while actually fixing the said broken things, sick!

▶ Create potions, scrap unused weapons and armors to fix your stuff, craft more arrows or just pile up a lot of scrap... why are you doing this?

▶ Talk with silly characters to get quests (like all adventurers, you just can't say no, do you?). If monsters don't kill you, the silliness and lack of basic logic of the villagers surely will.

▶ Explore dungeons to get better loot... to... explore more dungeons? It makes sense I guess.

▶ As usual with Myrne games, the OST (by Dane Ashton and Jamal Green, mostly) is available for free (even if you don't own the game). You can find it on Youtube too!

I'm just one guy, trying to create fun RPGs (and hopefully succeeding). I take inspirations in games like Arx Fatalis, Morrowind, Arcanum, tabletop RPGs and even boardgames (like Descent 2nd ed., Mistfall, Level 7: Omega Protocol). Do you play boardgames? You should, it's amazing once you've burned your Monopoly and bought real games. Why am I telling you that?! Keep playing on a computer! GET BACK!

I started crafting games in 2014 (maybe a little before, but nobody wants to hear about those awful, never-to-be-released projects anyway) and already released a game on Steam (that got positives reviews, too^^). I did make some other small projects for Ludum Dare and other game jams too. They all share the same universe which I intend to keep expanding through future games too, so stay tuned ;) 6d5b4406ea

Title: Myrne: The Quest
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Beldarak Games
Beldarak Games
Release Date: 31 May, 2017


  • OS: Windows XP and superior versions (7, 8, 10,...)
  • Processor: SSE2 instruction set support
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: shader model 2.0, generally everything made since 2004 should work.
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 540 MB available space


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Short, nifty game that has a certain charm to it. Pick it up if you're looking for something fun and humorous, but can be finished in one or two sessions.. Alright, I got about five hours out of this game! I could squeeze another hour maybe if I wanted to get all the achievements. (Loaded to work on the achievements and the game saves post starting the "no return" quest, so you have to start from the begining to achievement hunt.....)

Game was fun and had a good system in place if not a little basic.

It's very short and feels like a game that wasn't finished!
More than a year post release and many bugs (The dev does seem to be working on those still)

Long and short, if you can get it on sale like I did it's worth an evening of entertainment.. What a pleasure to come back in this funny word of the Myrne ! Really great to see that the ambience and the humor are still there (and the poor billy too ^^) !

Really great work for the design ! We can easily recognize some details from the previous game who was in 2D, but seeing them in 3D is like rediscovering them in a new way !

The gameplay is cool and really intuitive, and the difficulty is well calculated to feel some challenges without raging !

Also Thanks for the (free) OST ! I like that kind of music !

I hope you will continue to create game in the world of the Myrne !. Game is dank af. My review previously stated issues but the devs are awesome and actually fixed it. 11\/10. I enjoyed the game... until the end.

The Good.
+Quirky but fun graphics.
+Simple but effective stat system.
+Nice sound track.

The Bad.
-Fewer dungeons\/areas to explore than I was expecting from the description.
-Repetetive and simple enemies.
-Only one real boss fight.
-Limited weapon selection.

The Ugly.
:( They went with what is becoming one of my least favorite trends in gaming: The Extreme Cliffhanger.
The end has no boss fight and you are left with your quest uncompleted and the bad guy disappearing with a grin.<\/span><\/span>
With an ending in a similar vein to Halo 2, Rage, Divinity 2 and it's expansion (My most despised), and more recently, Planet explorers, or the Doom reboot.

This might as well have an episode one somewhere in the title, because that's what it is.
. Amazing game. I wish high up youtubers knew about this game. 1. for the develper to get more money to make the game better. And also this game is just amazing and i think everyone should play it.. Myrne: The Quest comes after its predecessor in a higher fashion. The graphics are what you would expect if you jumped into the world of the previous game, but in 3D. The vibe of the previous game is still there with comedy and stats system. Overall I can say I enjoyed the adventure and look forward to a future release in the world of Myrne.. Myrne: The Quest comes after its predecessor in a higher fashion. The graphics are what you would expect if you jumped into the world of the previous game, but in 3D. The vibe of the previous game is still there with comedy and stats system. Overall I can say I enjoyed the adventure and look forward to a future release in the world of Myrne.

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