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Omni Link Torrent Download [Crack Serial Key

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About This Game

Omni Link is a visual novel at it's core, but it's unlike other visual novels you've read before. Game-play and dialogue choices mesh together so you can see a real impact to your decisions. A story is not only about reading, it's about experiencing. Get involved with Omni Links characters, and experience their pains and joys as if they are your own. It all comes together in the end for an epic conclusion.

After the prologue, the game takes you on a mission for Zaos Corporation. You encounter an alien vessel and connect with an entity known as Ectype D-7, an attractive and powerful being of technology. You quickly learn that there is more to this ship and A.I. than meets the eye. The artificial intelligence is so advanced she is able to absorb energy from other ships and duplicate them. As well as use a mysterious ability called Omni Link.

Match your abilities against a faceless terror. An enemy called "The Virus" awakens near the edge of the galaxy. Suns are disappearing and planets are dying. No one knows exactly what the Virus is or what it wants. Take the Virus on full force, or select an easier difficulty to breeze through the story.


Real-time tactical combat - Defeat ships and absorb them into your fleet. Summon each ship to fight with you in battle. Discover hidden ships with powerful abilities and skills. Influenced by games such as Escape Velocity Nova and Star Control 3.

Choices that affect gameplay and story - Dialogue and gameplay choices make every decision you make carry weight. Some will change dialogue in minor ways, but also open paths for completely new dialogue and space events. Even your gameplay actions have consequences. Some are not fully apparent till later and it's too late to change course.

Hand drawn art & epic music - Beautiful art and music accompany your journey. Feel the emotion through epic battle moments and emotions that comes from characters as you take part in the story.

Manga adaption - Experience key scenes as if you're reading a manga. a09c17d780

Title: Omni Link
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Roencia Game Creators
Release Date: 4 Sep, 2018


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Omni Link is a promising early access visual novel with some top-down shooter elements mixed in. I'm about an hour into the story and I'm enjoying it greatly.

--Great art and music.
--Strong story.
--Plenty of choices (I'm currently unsure just how much these affect the game as I'm not that far in but there are a lot of them so far).
--Easy and hard difficulty modes for each persons playstyle.
--Usable ships seem to have abilities depending on the ship type. One I've encountered has a shield for example and another can warp.
--Short but sweet tutorial that shows you the ropes then drops you right into some gameplay.
--You can have a computer-controlled fleet following you doing the hard work if you're bad at video games like me.

-Cons (These are likely due to it being early access and may not apply to the final product):
--Menus leave a lot to be desired, little to no options at all (There is however, a windowed mode accessable by hitting alt+enter)
--Only one save allowed that I know of which is a bit daft in a game with choices, saving is just hitting "save" and "load".
--No chat controls (i.e. dialogue history if you miss a bit or skip if you die and need to get back from a save point.)

All things considered, I would recommend keeping an eye on this early access game as the only gripes I have found within the game are easily fixable with a future update.
I'll be following this game closely and I look forward to playing it when its finished!

This review will be occasionally modified when the game updates and when I get further in.. It's a work in progress, but none the less i like it.
Would prefer a little more choice based interaction to balance out the gameplay.. Even as an early release it is solid overall. Excellent character sprites, good sound tracks, no hentai tentacle monsters from the 4th dimension. The character dialogue leaves much to be desired imo but nevertheless it's not like the stuff you'll find in<\/a>. Jokes aside the interactions are nice and I can't wait so see the rest of the story unfold.
The fact you have the creator soloing this speaks volumes of his\/her talent. Tbh it's nice to play these sorts of games and not feel like you're alone. You get spaceship buddies that can actually fight back!
Currently I'd give this game in it's current state a 9.69\/10
. I usually dont make reviews or enjoy early access games, however, ive been surprised twice this month, the first was with battlerite, and the other was this game.
I enjoy visual novels, specially romantic ones. And when i saw the romance tag on this work, together with the art style the author has, made me purchase this game regardless of being in early access.
I didnt get much romance, since the story is still incomplete, but i got something i did not think id find in a vn, a good "combat" system. I played the casual mode, it was difficult, and i will try the normal mode after new story comes out, the characters are really charming and have a great development so far.
The only negatives i can think of are proper of an early access game (few bugs here and there, unpolished details,etc) , and cant be solved without funds, which will only come if more ppl try this game.
So, my honest review?
if you compare this to all the other good visual novels out there, id give it an 8\/10, however, this game was made by a single person and i think it deserves a bit more credit than those that are made by lots. so id give a 9\/10. Good music, good thematic, Excellent art, and great combat. This creator deserves a chance to show its full potential, lets give it a chance.. Omni Link is an great game with a good main story.<\/b>
You need to choose some choices but they don't have big influences in the story right now.
The story is beautiful designed but it needs more quests and side stories. Right now you nearly jumping from one mission to the next.
To the story: You are Keb somehow the destiny drives you to meet "Dawn" a kind of Cyborg\/AI that will change your whole life you meet dangerous troubles, pepoal and new allies. What will the future hold up for you ? Will you change the fate of the galaxy ?<\/span><\/span>
The Spaceships are interesting designed some even have cool special features, but the controls isn't that smooth as it should be. Sometimes im asking myself why does AI doing a better job in spacefights than the player.
The world looks a bit empty there should be more random events and more different spaceships.
If you playing on the now highest degree of difficulty, it's still a bit too easy but with some adjustments it could be heavier.
Sound designing is good but sometimes it could happen that there is no music nor sound and only after a few minutes it switches on again.

I recommend it for the kind of player that wants to have a great main story.
If you still unsure follow this product or buy it in a sale.

[7.8\/10] Points<\/b>

Something i would like to have as DLC is the song in the Trailer with all soundtracks and the art book.(Share your opinion in the comments if you like)<\/span><\/span><\/span>

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