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About This Game


Project: Gorgon is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) featuring an immersive experience that allows the player to forge their own path through exploration and discovery. We don't guide you through a world on rails, and as a result, there are many hidden secrets awaiting discovery. Project: Gorgon also features an ambitious skill-based leveling system that bucks the current trend of pre-determined classes, allowing the player to combine skills in order to create a truly unique playing experience.


When you play Project: Gorgon, we want you to feel as if you’re immersed in a whole new virtual world. Rather than trying to manage this with just graphics and excessive backstory, we’ve designed the game with dozens of gameplay features that make you feel like you’re really there interacting with the world, such as:

  • Each non-player (NPC) you meet has their own goals and interest, and reward players that choose to be their friend.
  • You can drop items on the ground, and other players can pick them up. What’s so great about that? Imagine laying down a trail of literal (virtual) breadcrumbs to guide your friends (or lure your enemies) into the woods.
  • Shopkeepers keep inventory, so you can buy items that other players have sold to them. Want to help out new players? Sell your cast-off items to the shopkeeper in the new player zone and watch the new players go to town.
  • If you are on fire, you can jump into a lake to put it out. This type of mechanic can have a subtle effect on your strategies, especially when you are fighting a fire mage!
  • You can inscribe messages onto items, write books, and even leave notes for other players. Make your name as an in-game poet, or pronounce your greatness to the world!


In Project: Gorgon you kill monsters - a lot of them - and you take their loot. In order to keep the experience fun and interesting, we’ve developed unique combat experiences to keep the fights feeling fresh. The loot is randomly generated, monsters have unique abilities, and dungeons have puzzles, traps, and terrifying bosses! The combat skills are entirely free-form. You can learn as many combat skills as you want, and use any two of them at the same time to create your own personal “class.” Project: Gorgon features dozens to choose from, including:

  • Battle Chemistry: Create huge explosions, inject yourself with mysterious mutagens or program a pet golem!
  • Unarmed Combat: Grapple and control enemies using a situational-aware combo system that varies based on where you are and what day it is.
  • Animal Handling: Tame animals and train them to become ferocious fighters. Then breed your best and sell their offspring to other players.
  • Necromancy: Seek out corpses and graveyards to raise an undead army. No graveyard around? Well, there are always the corpses of your friends.
  • Cow: Got turned into a cow by that boss? That sucks. But learn some kicks and how to stampede, and you'll be right back out there kicking grass in no time!
  • That’s just a few! There’s also Sword Fighting, Combat Psychology, Staff Fighting, Sigil Scripting, Mentalism, and more.

Player Choices are important in Project: Gorgon. You can learn as many skills as you want, but sometimes power comes with downsides. You can become infected with lycanthropy and gain access to very powerful skill sets. As a lycanthrope, you are able to roam the world in a pack or as a lone wolf; however, when there is a full moon (which is tied to the real world lunar calendar) you are stuck in your beast form. There’s no cure for lycanthropy.

You can become a Druid - which will give you great power, but you have to vow to drop everything when there’s an emergency involving nature. It could be a forest fire, a monster invasion or even a pesky insect. Nature never lets you ignore your duties, ever.

New opportunists come open, but others will be closed. Can you bear heavy burdens in exchange for greater power?


The community is a critical aspect of Project: Gorgon. We strive to maintain a strong, engaged community, supporting our players through:

  • Live Events with a focus on story.
  • Mechanisms For player-created quest content.
  • Player housing (limited and instanced).
  • Player-managed shops and vendor stalls.
  • In-game communication tools like bulletin boards.
  • Bookshelves where you can write and submit your own books and stories (and players can vote on their favorites).


During our beta ("early access") period, your feedback helps improve the game, from small things like bug-reports to large things like new skill suggestions, monster ideas, and more! We've already used hundreds of player-provided suggestions during our alpha period, and we'll use even more suggestions during beta as we get into the down-and-dirty details of combat, crafting, and exploration. b4d347fde0

Title: Project: Gorgon
Genre: Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Early Access
Elder Game, LLC
Elder Game, LLC
Release Date: 12 Mar, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 2.7 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3870 / NVIDIA 8800 GT / Intel HD 4000 Integrated Graphics
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 10 GB available space


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This game is truly amazing. It's unfortunate that it's not polished yet and many will judge it negatively while it is still in early access. But for those of us that appreciate devs that put their heart and soul into making something special and whom respect us gamers that have been playing mmo's since the late 90s, it is a diamond in the rough. I've played almost every modern mmorpg. I've spent countless hours in WOW, GW 1 & 2, ESO, FFXI, EVE and many more and this is by far the most enjoyable experience I've had since my days in Asheron's Call. I haven't even scratched the surface of this game and I look I forward to the time I will surely put into it. Don't hesitate, support these devs and come grow with this amazing community and have an absolutely rich and enjoyable experience. Millennials need not apply. This is not an all flash and no substance game. It is the exact opposite.. What can I say, this game is fun, has a great community, involved in game devs\/guides who create events as do the community...and the game is, ahh, scarily addictive. This is, however, a more mature mmo - npcs do cuss and make R-rated references from time to time. I speak from playing over 400 hours....which is insane for me since I bought this game just this FEBRUARY! Remember, the game is still in development:

Yes, the graphics are pretty dated (as in over 10 years old type, graphics would have been a non-issue in early 2000's). But gameplay is pretty fluid, whether in its combat, crafting, or gathering. The devs who made this game have experience in major MMOs from the past and it shows in this game.

There are a ridiculous number of skills - most of them non-combat. Combat skills you equip two at a time, but can opt to mix match almost any 2 at a time as you wish and you level up each skill tree independently, e.g. if you choose shield and sword they have their own skill trees levels. Choose fire magic and say necromancy and you then level those up independently.

Loot is catered for the skills your character equips. So using the above example, you will about 90% of the time generate sword\/shield loot if you equip those skills; but if you equip different skills the loot you gather then is rolled to work with those skills.

And there are many unique things they do with the skills. For example, you can actually level up in death (from dying), iocaone resistance (a nod to Princess Bride fans) and the psychology skill (a combat skill) actually has you hurl insults or other things to damage your opponent (causing "death by shame").

The gameworld isnt very large in terms of number of zones right now, but each zone is fairly large. You have your dungeons, crypts, caves, etc, etc to explore and enjoy loot.

There isnt much in the way of story or "quests" - dont expect a WoW game which is heavily quest-oriented. This game is much more like EQ was in terms of quests, where you maybe do something for some npcs here and there, - but in terms of a direct connective story, it is still in progress. This game is much more about developing your character, getting stronger, enjoying events and the company of other players as you run dungeons or the "daily" dungeon event, There is grinding, which is not just about getting more xp, but also for getting the gear you want.

End game right now isn't like say WoW with raids or anything like that. Basically, at the highest level area, for the end game there is one major dungeon that requires a group and gives extremely good loot. What you will likely do once you feel your original character is maxxed out is then simply choose a new play style and see if its more powerful than what you just experienced, help other players, and get involved in the staff sponsored events.

So if you like the type of game I described, give it a go! At a minimum try the demo (it is free) and see if you get hooked, like me.. All I can say is wow! The mechanics of this game is amazing. It really does bring back the days when MMO's truly shined. It takes away the cookie cutter class restrictions, and it allows the individual to really enjoy the game. To me it makes me feel like the world is alive and larger than life. I haven't been able to stop playing and have enjoyed every second of it. I cannot wait to see what future updates the creators will make in addition to the vast stuff that is already there. Kudos! Great Job!. This game has a lot of heart beyond the rough edges. I'm glad I stuck with it and took the patience to read the text and get immersed, hope it continues to be updated.

Update Notes: October 18, 2018:

Halloween. v 1.1.0:
That's the long-awaited update!

Added a new map "Return to NetherEarth", not related to the main storyline. Borrowed from the game of the same name "NetherEarth" in 1987 !!!

Also added 64-bit version of the game and will now be able to control the robots under OS Linux. Update Notes: July 9, 2018:
This is a server-only update to fix some networking and database performance problems.

The only gameplay change is the following:

  • Bard treasure mod: "Whenever you take damage from an enemy, you gain Song of Discord Damage +6% and Song of Resurgence Healing +6 for 20 seconds." => This now stacks up to 12x (instead of infinitely)
  • Bard treasure mod: "Whenever you take damage from an enemy, you gain Bard Base Damage +8% for 15 seconds." => This now stacks up to 10x (instead of infinitely)

That's it for now, but we're hard at work on a new content update which will be ready in a few weeks. More info soon!. Update Notes: April 26, 2019:
Ilmari War Caches. Update Notes: February 20, 2019:
Welcome to another large Project: Gorgon patch! This is a dense update with a lot of moving parts, including balance changes, new powers and abilities, and a large new dungeon. And these are some really long update notes... so let's get to it!

Rahu Sewers. Update Notes: June 8, 2018:
This is primarily a bug-fix update. It includes important server-side bug-fixes, plus other fixes and improvements that happened to be ready to go.

General Changes. Update Notes: May 25, 2018:
There's a new combat skill in this update! The Priest skill is primarily a healer and is especially powerful in groups. Unlocking Priest requires either Compassion 25 or Psychology 25. A priest in Kur Mountains' inn area can assist you in learning the skill.

The Knife Fighting skill has also been improved. There is a new kind of knife for your off-hand. Off-hand knives are called Dirks. All pre-existing knives are main-hand knives, collectively called Daggers. You can wield a Dirk, a Dagger, or both when using the knife skill. If you wield two knives at once, you can take advantage of a few new treasure effects and a new dual-wielding-only knife ability found on loot scrolls.

General Combat Changes. V 1.0.0:
That's finished work on the project "RoboWorlD tactics"
But this does not mean that in the future the game will not change.
It is planned to further improve it and also fix the shortcomings that you do not like ..
In distant - distant plans to make a network game project ... But these are only plans.

and so, at the moment we have:
-training level
-Final level with the boss (spoiler :)
-mini map navigation
-optimization of effects
-Fixed some bugs. Dev Blog: November 15, 2018 - The Demo Is Live!:
I wanted to give you an update on our plans for near-future game updates. But first, let's talk about the demo!

Project: Gorgon Demo Is Available!. Update Notes: May 9, 2019:
This is a small update to add fixes and new features for future live events. Stay tuned to see them in action! There are also some other bug fixes:
  • Fixed repeated Minotaur Vault rune in War Cache S-1
  • Drinking a second Spider Punt Potion no longer gives the confusing message "Error: You already know that ability."
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Spider Punt ability (or other sidebar abilities) from working if dragged onto the sidebar under certain conditions
  • Fixed a related bug that could cause changes to the sidebar to stop being sent to the server (meaning your sidebar stopped working, and reverted to old contents when you logged out and back in)
  • Collect Milk 2 & 3 incorrectly required Clobbering Hoof 6 as a prerequisite
  • Sanja in Kur had incorrect training requirements for raising Lycanthropy skill cap
  • Fixed bug that prevented slimes in War Cache D-3 from combining into each other, thus allowing infinite slimes
  • Added missing warning screen for the Shower Slime in Gazluk Keep
  • Fixed bug that caused volume UI sliders (and other number-sliders) in the Settings window to stop updating correctly if an invalid number was manually typed into the text field
  • Fixed bug that prevented placing map pins in war cache D-4
  • Added a missing Spider Punt Potion to war cache S-3
  • Tweaked fire magic mod that added Rage to Super Fireball: it adds less Rage and has a slightly more clear description

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