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RoShamBo Full Crack

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About This Game


Welcome to RoShamBo arena! A brand new FREE arena fighting game, based on a classic rock-paper-scissors! Choose your character out of dozens unique looks, customize your gear, fight other players, knock their teeth out and become the best in RoShamBo Arena!


In RoShamBo Arena you’re presented as an arena fighter, who can defeat opponents by choosing one of three punches – rock, paper, or scissors. The one who wins after selecting the shape kicks the other. During the fight each kick will reduce the amount of health points, and the one whose health drops to zero loses. Besides standard kicks you can use one of three special skills, that can heal you, give a boost in attack power, reflect your opponent’s kick and many more. Each character has his own bunch of special skills, which makes your unique. You can compete with other players in real-time in different modes, like duels, tournaments, group fights and clan wars in future updates. In campaign mode you can fight bosses and ordinary fighters to get experience, valuable loot, gear and even more. Get teeth, obtain or buy gear, equip it and fight stronger enemies to get higher in your league.


  • Real-time arena fighter . Defeat other players in real-time 3-minute arena fight, choosing one three punches – rock, paper or scissors.

  • Dozens of unique characters. Choose your own character and way him to victory in each battle. Every character has up to 3 unique skills and unique fun animations.

  • Hundreds of unique gear. Get the best gear in the game, equip it to increase your stats and defeat your enemies.

  • Simple and addictive gameplay. Choose rock, paper or scissors. The one who wins, kicks.

  • Unique and fun special skills. Besides the rock, paper or scissors you can choose one of three special skills during the fight. Each skill will get you closer to victory, but be attentive. The enemy has his own bunch of skills too.

  • Character customization. Level up and configure your stats to your own preferences. Create your own unique damage dealer, tank, or support character.

  • Team fights up to 3x3 players. Any player can compete with others together with his friends (up to 3 players, competing each other).

  • Achievements. In-game achievements, that set you new heights goals every level.

  • Social features. Find player to co-operate and go to victory together.

Title: RoShamBo
Genre: Action, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, RPG, Sports, Early Access
Blam! Games LLC
Blam! Games LLC
Release Date: 14 Jul, 2016


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Piedra, papel o tijera version sangrienta jajajaja! Entretenido aunque le falta un poco mas de acción al juego. Sin embargo excelente.. Its just rock paper scissors with a fancy name.. If you like the game Rock, Paper, Scissors you will like this.

A comical setup of characters and upgrades/gear for your characters make this one of those sort of games where a simple gameplay can be fun.

Lots of variety and game modes make this quite addictive.

Good quick matchmaking.. made me kill my family and eat my cat. its a bad game. Fun for like an hour.. This game is awsome and it is not pay to win. All theese guys saying it is but they are wrong its not.. reached level 5 with 0 loses, it's about finding the fighting style of your oponent not luck

Cons: 0 players for pvp

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